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Graduate Training

posted Apr 17, 2012, 1:18 AM by Nantege Ashabrick   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 5:38 AM ]

ToR for Internship placements at the Appropriate Technology Centre for Water and Sanitation (ATC) Mukono

The ATC recognizes university students  and fresh graduates as key contributors to research although their capacity may not be sufficient. If well guided and exposed to the required research tools and approaches, students are in position to contribute to research while at the same time they acquire the necessary training required higher job placements. Internship placements exposes students to practical experience that they may not get at University and prepare them for work after school. The ATC therefore takes on student interns annually who are placed according to the available opportunities. Our broad research areas include:

           1. Rainwater harvesting
           2. Improving small scale farming using drip irrigation
           3. Ecological sanitation
           4. Iron removal from water for domestic use

NB:graduate trainee has to have passion for applied research beyond sitting in offices and should also have positive traits and employability skills. A trainee can be attached to one of the ongoing projects based on their specialization and may be asked to take part in any other on-going activities of the centre.

The trainees may be seconded by the Ministry of Water and Environment or come directly to the centre. Trainees applications should be supported by the University faculty/department in which they studied. Acceptance of secondment will be based on availability of running programmes at the centre to which trainees will be attached.

Trainees with background in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

·         Engineering

·         Public Health

·         Agriculture

·         Social Sciences

·         Environmental Studies

Gender balance is highly recommended.

ATC provides the necessary tools for the training but does not provide any allowances or payments to the students as it does not have a budget for the internships. Trainees are therefore asked to solicit for financial support from elsewhere. However, in cases where trainees are required to travel upcountry, arrangements are made to provide for their travel costs.