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Training Packages

The Centre offers tailor-made training on:
i) Construction of EMAS tank and Pump 
ii) Construction of low cost ecological sanitation options (i.e., Fossa Alterna, Tiger Toilet)
iii) Construction of first flush devices
vi) Mainstreaming GTI for Water and Sanitation Technologies
v) Production of low cost sanitary pads 
vi) Production of environmentally friendly briquettes
vii) Installation of low cost irrigation systems and use of organic fertilizers 
viii) Use, Operation and maintenance of ecological sanitation toilets
ix) Use and Maintenance of low cost point of use water purification technologies
x) Rainwater management and promotion
xi) Water supply planning and management
xii)Construction, operation and maintenance of iron removal plants
xiii) Construction and maintenance of institutional ecological sanitation toilets

These trainings range between 2-5 days, they are usually intensive and hands-on.
Interested individuals, company, NGOs, formal and informal groups should contact the Centre for the necessary arrangements.