Technology Applicability Framework (TAF)

The Technology Applicability Framework is the main tool the ATC uses to Access appropriateness of the different technologies. It is a useful decision making tool for sector stakeholders in national and local governments, development partners, private sector enterprises, NGOs, Research & Development Institutions and Universities. The TAF identifies a sustainable/applicable WASH technology from those that are not and also reveals risks and supportive factors that influence the successful introduction/roll out of a technology. The TAF process has four steps: Screening, Assessment, Presentation of results and interpretation. 

Technologies so far tested with TAF include:
i) The rope pump
ii) WADI indication, an enhancer for purifying water using solar disinfection
iii) Urine Diversion Dry Toilet (UDDT)
iv) Tippy Tap
v) Ferrocement Tank
vi) Solar pump
vii) U11 Borehole
viii) Inclusive pit latrines
ix) Inclusive boreholes

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