Annual Report

"Establishment of the Appropriate Technology Center (ATC) in 2010 was a milestone of the Ministry of Water and Environment. There was no Research and Development institution in the country specifically to serve the WASH sector despite the significance of research. The Ministry through the Appropriate Technology Center carries out research, development, promotion and dissemination of appropriate technologies for the rural water supply and sanitation sub-sector.In addition to working as a reference center  building capacity of sector actors and appropriate technology profiles, ATC is using the model village approach to applied research whereby, conventional rural water supply technologies and environmentally friendly sanitation options are demonstrated within communities. The model village approach allows close monitoring and empowers the communities to facilitate the dissemination in a practical manner of research findings for the various appropriate technologies to our clients for uptake and up-scaling"Aaron Kabirizi; COMMISSIONER - RURAL WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION

Nantege Ashabrick,
Jan 23, 2013, 1:10 AM