Hand washing

 Hand washing seems obvious but taken for granted. Quite a big number of people do it without soap and others do not bother. Little do they reflect about the consequences; our fingers are prime carriers of germs because they are always touching everywhere including our oiled hair, toilet doors, money and handshaking.  We cannot do away with the practices because they are embedded in our communities but; “what about washing hands with soap?”

he practice of washing hands with soap is economic because it shields opportunistic infections.  Even if tippy taps are constructed for every household, without exposure learning and vigorous sensitization towards behavior change, evidence has shown that those gadgets add no value to the community because the risks remain. There is also need to strongly illustrate to communities the business aspect of good WASH practices; i.e., the high possibility of saving money that would be used to treat diseases. https://drive.google.com/?authuser=0&pli=1#folders/0B5rfF59ifxGLOXVkWjhpNkt2MEk